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Wedding Photography
*Located within minutes of Seneca Lake/Watkins Glen, NY


*Scalable commission rates starting at an affordable $200/hour, depending on camera class, lens selection, and editing options.

*Unique male and female photographer perspectives from father daughter team.

*Backup coverage and equipment in case of technical malfunction.

*32 years of visual arts experience, and 18 years in the wedding industry.
*Highly sought after vintage lenses (including pre-WWII German designed) merged to some of today's best digital technologies for a truly flattering artistic film look that will make your wedding photographs stand out and shine with unique character and vintage vibe.

*The use of portable spot lights help create the classic glamorous Hollywood movie star look.

*Super low light cameras and fast lenses allow for reliance on natural lighting in most circumstances, avoiding annoying flashes and providing a more natural look.

*Large, thick unique leather bound center opening photo books are built to last a lifetime and beyond.

Call or text Seneca Lake Weddings now to schedule your engagement photo session and start talking wedding plans.

Matt Norton (607) 742-6948
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Give yourself paece of mind knowing your wedding day is in the hands of an experienced profession wedding photographer capable of capturing you in the most flattering, classic Hollywood style imagery.
Senca Lake Weddings Wedding Photography At A Glance.