"...Pictures are great for your wall,

but video's bring to life the memories of a day I'll never forget..."

Thank you Matt!"-Lorie Quick
A division of Refining Fire Productions a family business founded by award winning videographer Matt Norton in 2003, specializing in Hollywood cinematography style destination wedding videography.

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As a client of Seneca Lake Weddings you'll want to watch your Seneca Lake wedding video over, and over again. One of our brides told us she watched her video everyday for a whole month straight. That's the kind of entertainment value wedding photographs simply can not provide. In fact that might just make your wedding video from Seneca Lake Weddings your most important wedding investment ever!!!

Weddings are the most difficult, technically challenging, and unpredictable events to capture. Battling guests and even other professionals for prime shooting space can be intimidating and downright frustrating. Wedding videos can be an even more overwhelming and daunting task to edit, with hours of raw footage from multiple cameras and audio recorders. That is why when hiring a videographer and/or photographer experience is vitally important. Photographer, Videographer, DJ, and musician Matt Norton has an extensive 25+ years of unparalleled experience and skill, offering some of the latest, and best cameras on the market. Using a minim of 3 digital HD movie cameras in nearly every wedding video shoot, your Watkins Glen Seneca Lake wedding will have superior quality with built-in backup coverage.

Musicians make the best video editors. It's all about timing and synchronization to the music and speech. That's where the magic starts to happen and the high entertainment value comes in. Vintage lenses provide the final magic touch with a unique unparalleled beauty, and classic Hollywood look.

Take a look at the video below and make note of the transitions timing and vintage look. After spending so much time, effort, and money planning your once in a lifetime, perfect wedding day celebration, don't you owe it to yourself to be able to relive it all with a video like this?! Entrust your precious Watkins Glen wedding memories to the extensive experience of Matt Norton and the Seneca Lake Weddings family team today for your videography and photography. Why chance your best memories being lost forever to a less experienced individual. Be sure to check out our DJ, Sound and lighting Entertainment services as well.
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